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Jul 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
see the king bed is two twin beds pushed together. finally back to the dom minute can republic. -- dominican republic. time to eat. you see the beautiful buffet, the beautiful people but in real life it's not exactly the same deal. a little dirty. all the food is gone, no carving station. this is a good sense to tell you, you know, don't always believe everything you see. >> pois ter.-- >>> they're ready to save some more money. jessica is coming back with today's daily deals right after the break. >> plus, spiderman, king at the box office but falls short of industry expectations. we'll explain why. >>> dealing with a few sprinkles right notice in northwest d.c. you're going to see we have showers and even a few rumbles of thunder. especially on the eastern shore from easton to cambridge and oxford. even west of frederick you may be getting a little bit of lightning and thunder. for today showers and storms on and off for a few more showers. then isolated showers and thunderstorms midday into the afternoon with sunshine and high mid- to upper 80s. monika? >>> well,
Jul 3, 2012 5:00am EDT
though, twin brooke parkway still in the dark. we did travel down georgia avenue to get here, saw several lights that this be turned on. traffic resumed as normal. even coming down at randolph, you can see some of the street lights are starting to slowly come on. we have seen some pepco crews in the area, so it appears they are eventually making their way to these major thoroughfares and huge intersections. you can see there is a bit of confusion, cars stopping in the middle of the road to head over. again, treat these as four way stops, but you can imagine, with the morning rush, you have four lanes of traffic here. it is going to be quite confusing, so please you know, drive with caution and wash sheens, as you are heading out. you willen countier some intersections with lights. others without. you know, everyone is asking for patience at this point, but it seems like some patient sheens is running thin, -- wash patience is running thin. >> i want them to get every nursing home back to full restoration and i'm not going to accept july 6th as a date for doing this. >> reporter: j
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2